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In-Game Description

The Druid calls forth spirit animals and taps into earth's magic, standing as a mighty guardian of nature.


Druid is a playable class in Tiny Rogues.

Game Mechanics

Druidic Shrines

Druidic shrines are offered as room rewards once per floor and allow you to either gain a spirit companion or level them up, boosting their damage and passive bonuses. They also grant +1 EXP on use.

Spirit Companions

Three different companions can be gained by the shrine, not affecting companion weight limit. The same companions cannot be gained multiple times, however you can have all three companion choices at once.

  • Summon Spirit Wolves: Summons 2 Spirit Wolf companions.

APS: 2.00
DMG: 55 to 95 slashingAll slashing damage is physical damage.
Grants: 1% increased damage per companion you have

  • Summon Spirit Bear: Summons a Spirit Bear companion.

APS: 2.00
DMG: 125 to 230 strikingAll striking damage is physical damage.
Grants: +20 to equip load capacity

  • Summon Spirit Eagle: Summons a Spirit Eagle companion.

APS: 2.00
DMG: 90 to 180 thrustingAll thrusting damage is physical damage.
Grants: 10% increased movement speed

The other choice at the Druidic Shrine is to level up one of your spirit companions. Levelling up the spirit companions grants 100% increased passive bonus from the chosen companion and gives the companion 10% more damage.