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Enchantments are buffs randomly given to enemies to make them tougher. In Cinder mode there are options to add additional enchantments, give enemies two enchantments and give bosses enchantments.


Name Description
Airstrike A random Airstrike will be targeted towards your current position and drop multiple bombs in a diagonal line.
Arcane Spawns a random Arcane beam which slowly rotates in a circle.
Battery Spawns a random Battery that explode in a huge radius after it expires.
Black Hole Spawns a Black Hole which pulls you towards it. You will take damage if you touch the Black Hole.
Bomb Enemies throw a Bomb at a random location. The initial landing can hurt and explodes shortly after with a medium radius.
Bone Spawns a Bone that bounces from wall to wall.
Cupid Enemies fire 3 Cupid Arrows on your current position which explode into 5 Cupid Hearts that spiral outwards.
Danger Zone Spawns a Danger Zone circle that bounces around the map. You instantly take damage upon contact.
Electricity Enemies fire 5 Electricity Bolts in a star pattern that expands outwards.
Frozen Randomly spawns a Frozen Orb that explodes in a small radius.
Glaive Enemies fire several Glaives outwards and then returns back to them shortly.
Laser Enemies fire lasers aimed towards you.
Lava Enemies throw 3 random Lava puddles with a small radius that disappears after a few seconds. The initial landing can hurt.
Meteor Meteors periodically land on your current position with a massive radius.
Missile Enemies fires homing Missiles at you. It will explode upon hitting a wall.
Molten Upon death enemies explode with a large radius.
Mortar Enemies fire Mortars randomly on the map with a medium radius.
Oktoberfest Enemies throws a Beer Stein on a random location which explodes into 4 Pretzel projectiles.
Party Spawns a Party Popper which fires confetti in a cone aimed towards you.
Plague Enemies throws a ball of Plague which explodes into a puddle of poison for a few seconds. The inital landing can hurt and touching the puddles will make you take damage and inflict poison.
Possessed Weapon Spawns random Posessed Weapons that slowly move towards you. They can be killed.
Prism Spawns Prisms around the edge of the room which fires a beam that slowly rotates around.
Proximity Defense Enemies gain a Proximity Defense buff which reduces damage taken unless attacking them inside the radius of their shield.
Guardian Enemies gain a Shield buff which reduces damage taken.
Storm Random Storm aoes spawn and explode shortly after.
Thorn Enemies fire multiple thorns that land on your current position.
Tornado Enemies fire Tornados that move slowly around the map shooting projectiles in a spiral pattern.
Totem Spawns random Totems that will fire projectiles at you. They must be destroyed in order to continue.
Toxic Spawns random Toxic Orbs that will inflict poison upon contact.
Web Spawns random Webs that slow you down when passing through.



  • Oktoberfest Enchanted: Reduced amount of pretzel projectiles.
  • Death Zone Enchanted: Renamed to Danger Zone Enchanted because contrary to popular belief it doesn't actually instantly kill you.
  • Proximity Defense Enchanted:
    • Increased downtime from 4 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • Reduced damage reduction from 90% less to 85% less.
  • Shield Enchanted: Reduced damage reduction from 75% less to 70% less.