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In-Game Description

A ruthless Pirate, sailing the high seas to plunder ships and coastal towns, building a reputation as feared as their growing bounty.


Pirate is a playable class in Tiny Rogues.

Game Mechanics


Piratey deeds increase your Bounty.
These deeds include opening a treasure chest, (+500 G) defeating a boss, (+250 G) levelling up (+250 G) and revealling a secret room. (+500 G)
Depending on your Bounty, your pirate rank is decided. You gain all bonuses from previous ranks.

Pirate Ranks:

  • Rookie [0 G]: No changes (starting rank)
  • Bilge Rat [1000 G]: 20% increased movement speed.
  • Powder Monkey [2000 G]: 100% increased bomb damage.
  • Sea Devil [3000 G]: 25% increased attack speed.
  • Captain [4000 G]: +1 companion weight limit.
  • Pirate King [5000 G]: +1 luck Luck increases lucky hit chance. Lucky hits roll damage 1 additional time, taking the higher roll and define a chance to trigger certain effects on hit..