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0.2.0 Shops WIP

Name Floor Description
Flower Girl Shop 01 - World 2 Can sell 5 different flower circlets: Buttercup Circlet, Cornflower Circlet, Daisy Circlet, Lavender Circlet, and Poppy Circlet.
Dwarf Demolitionist Shop 02 - World 2 Sells the Demolition Set and Bomber Set, as well as some bombs and dynamite!
Undead Merchant Shop 02 - World 1 Sells a variety of gear and consumables.
Witchdoctor Shop 03 Sells generic items and potions, as well as many poison/jungle-themed weapons, equipment, and companions.
Kobold Shop 03 - World 2 Sells a variety of consumables and equipment.
Crystal Items Shop 04 - World 2 Sells crystalline weapons and armor.
Patches Shop 04 - World 1 Sells a variety of accessories: as long as you're not a cleric...
Soul Peddler Shop 04, 06, 07 - World 1 Sells a variety of wares for a few souls.
Spice Trader Shop 05 - World 1 Sells a variety of spices that grant permanent infusion effects.
Desert Alien Shop 05 - World 1 Sells a select pool of guns and other ranged weapons.
Nomad Shop 05 - World 1 Sells a variety of weapons up to epic rarity.
Library Shop 06 - World 2 Sells Uncommon, Rare and Epic Spellbooks & Scrolls.
Kuo Toa Shop 06 - World 1 Sells fish items.
Charon Shop 08, 09, 10 Sells charms and equipment up to Epic rarity for a few souls.
Marvellous Chester Shop 10 Sells a wide variety of items, including generic items, 3x statups, infusions, companions, and up to rare/set accessories.
Rat Shop Any Sells up to rare/set weapons and equipment, as well as any stat-up food and many other generic consumables.
This Shop can appear on any floor, up to floor 10.
Pawn Shop Any Drop your unwanted armor and weapons on the rug, and the Pawn Shopkeeper will offer you some gold!
Dwarf Merchant Shop Any Sells any rarity weapons and equipment for gold. Any weapon he sells comes with a +1-3 upgrade.