Demon Hunter

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In-Game Description

Fueled by vengeance, the Demon Hunter stalks the night, relentlessly pursuing all evil and striking fear into the hearts of demons and undead plaguing the lands.


Demon Hunter is a playable class in Tiny Rogues.

Game Mechanics

Demon Hunter can come across room rewards which are tainted, giving doubled rewards. These rooms have flair text before the room that hints at the special tainted enemies that will be in that room.

Tainted Enemies

Enemy Hint
Smolders of brimstone...
Traces of devilish beasts.
A stench of raw meat...
The air reeks of decay...
I sense a fiendish presence ahead...
A slithering in the dark.
A hint of iron in the air...
The air whispers of malice...
Gluttonous sins.
Traces of a rampaging beast.
Something is in the darkness...