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Stormbringer is a weapon in Tiny Rogues. It is one of the 6 final upgrades for the Broken Hero Sword weapon.

This weapon is great at killing bosses that don't spawn minions, as the lightning strike will repeatedly hit the boss 5 times per second while you focus on dodging. The strike can hit enemies even if they are off-screen.

Primary attack shoots out 3 melee projectiles.

Step(s) to craft this weapon:

  1. Select Broken Hero Sword as your Starting Gift.
  2. Obtain a Mithril and upgrade your Broken Hero Sword to +3. This can be done in any order.
  3. Obtain a Voltflex and upgrade your Hero Sword to +4. This can be done in any order.
  4. The Hero Sword will now be automatically upgraded to Stormbringer.
    • If it has not upgraded automatically, you can intiate the upgrade by equipping the Hero Sword to your main weapon slot.

(Note that equipment that grants upgrades to weapons do not count to the upgrade threshold (e.g. Hero Charm).)


The lightning strike's hit rate can be increased with items that increase the tick rate of periodical effects, such as Flow Charm.



[v0.2.0 v4]:

  • All weapons have been reworked.