Sun Vortex

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Sun Vortex is a weapon in Tiny Rogues.
This weapon is considered a channeling weapon.





  • ▲ Increased the maximum range of all bible and flail spinners by roughly 1 unit. This is usually more than 10% range increase.


  • ▼ Flails and Bibles now only convert orbital speed at 25% value to attack speed, previously 50%.

[v0.2.0 v4]:

  • All weapons have been reworked.


  • Spinner weapons such as Bibles and Flails now use increased attack speed at a less effective rate, meaning 10% increased attack speed is not 10% increased rotation speed anymore but probably less.
  • ▲ Inflicts a new status effect called Scorch. Scorch stacks up to 10 times and increases burn damage taken by 10% per stack.